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Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach



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Repeater Frequencies

2 Meters

146.145(+) PL=156.7 Hz


220 MHz

223.800(-) PL=156.7 Hz


440 MHz

449.780 MHz (-)

PL=131.8 Hz


1.2 GHz

1286.300 MHz (-)

PL=156.7 Hz

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After the meeting, be sure to join us at Hof's Hut Restaurant at 2147 North Bellflower Boulevard in Long Beach. Click here for a map and picture.

Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach Club Net on 146.145 (+) with a PL of 156.7 at 8:00 p.m. every Wednesday

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A 501(c)3 organization

Michael Caulfield AF6VT & Ray Day N6HE May Speakers

A How-To On HF Digital Communications

This will be a practical approach to JT65 and PSK31 including how to set up your rig, and some quick start pointers that will get you on the air, even when band conditions are not good for phone, you can still make QSOs all around the world on Digital HF. This will include a learning lesson and cover setup techniques.



Mike Caulfield (AF6VT)

Ray Day (N6HE)


Mike Caulfield started his HAM career in high school building a station using the Heathkit DX-60 Transmitter and HR-10 Receiver. After a long hiatus he rejoined the hobby in 2006 and is currently has an Extra Class license. His interests in HAM radio are Emergency Communications, Digital modes, and SSB contesting. He is a member of the City Palos Verdes Estates Emergency Communications team NART (Neighborhood Amateur Radio team) and CERT. He is also currently on the Board of Directors of the Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club and has served as Past V.P. and Secretary. Mike is a native of Boston and has Electrical Engineering degrees from Northeastern University and MIT. He is currently a Consulting Engineering in satellite communications after a long career in Engineering, Business Development, and Program Management with Boeing Satellite Systems.



I love entering "Radio Sport" events, especially on RTTY - I love CW contesting, too, but I can copy faster than my two poor little fingers can type, so it's more work, so I mostly Search and Pounce. Ditto SSB con-tests, even more so. I enter for the fun of it rather than trying to come out on top (or, truth be told, even near the top!) - although I routinely hunt for my missing band/mode DXCC countries. Low wire antennas, some CC&R's, and a huge close-in hill to my NE limit my competitiveness. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 1966 as an RF-oriented Electrical Engineer. Member of TKE fraternity. Have worked for Pan Am (1962 - 1974) and Continental Airlines (1974 - 1982), and have been an independent financial planner since 1982. I am also an ARRL Official Observer and an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.