Field Day has been an annual event sponsored by the American Radio Relay League ARRL since 1933. Each year for a 24 hour period during the last weekend of June amateur radio operators throughout United States and Canada try to make as many contacts as possible by radio from remote locations with other amateur radio operators.

Operations during Field Day are intended to simulate conditions that would exist in an emergency situation. Stations are set up on remote temporary locations using generators, solar panels and temporary antennas.

The Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach (ARALB) are committed to local community service through the use of amateur radio.  ARALB usually operates as an 8A class station, “Eight independent Stations simultaneously on different bands.”

ARALB Field Day 2018

Field Day will again be located at Recreation Park on June 23/24th. Setup begins on Friday 6/22 at 3pm. The contest itself begins at 11am 6/23 and ends at 11am 6/24. Contact Mark Chung KK6SMD for more info:

Recreation Park is at 4900 East 7th Street & Federation Drive (North side of 7th) in Long Beach. Here’s a Google map of the location.



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