The Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach provides amateur radio license testing for $5.00 on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM. The test location is at The American Red Cross, located at 3150 E 29th Street in Long Beach, between Redondo & Temple.

Pre-registration is recommended through Richard Sherwood at 562-301-8044 or When you pre-register your GLAARG Form 605X will be ready to sign when you come in to test. Walk-in applicants are accepted up to the session’s capacity.

On test day, bring a government issued photo ID. If you are taking the Technician license test, you will also need your FRN* number. If you are upgrading to General or Amateur Extra class license, you must bring a signed copy of your current license, or a copy of each Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination Element (CSCE) with you to present for credit. These copies of your license and/or any CSCE will be turned in with your form 605X and your test answer sheet to the FCC. Your copies will not be returned to you, so please Do Not bring your originals.

Test Dates for 2019/20

   07/20/19    08/17/19    09/21/19    10/19/19   11/16/19   12/21/19   01/18/20  02/21/20


Field Day Testing

The annual Field Day test by the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach is an ARRL – VEC special test. It is usually held on Saturday at 1:30 PM at our Field Day site. ARRL has set the cost of the test at $15. Check this page before the event for an updated time and location. Walk-ins are always welcome.

If any special accommodations are needed, you must register in advance to insure your needs can be met and the necessary staff is available to assist.

Special Group Testing Sessions

Group testing sessions at other times and locations may be arranged in advance through the ARALB VE-In-Charge. the session VEC is typically an ARRL VEC with a testing fee of $15 for a single session.


Richard Sherwood (N6RU) • cell (562)301-8044 • email

Are You Ready To Get On The Air???

If you recently passed your ham radio exam and  you want to see if your call sign has been issued so you can get on the air, visit the FCC’s Amateur License Search page (icon below). Enter the appropriate search information and see if your call sign has been issued. If it has, then you’re ready to get on the air immediately.Visit the FCC's Amateur License Search page
If you would like to sharpen your skills before you come in to take the test, please use one of the resources below and start practicing by taking the practice test for free.

At this site, you can sign up for a free account and track your test-taking progress to see where you need to concentrate your studying.