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K6CHE Repeater System
























Tuesday Nights

6:30 p.m.

146.145  MHz (+) with a PL of 156.7


6:45 p.m.

1282.200 MHz (-) with a PL of 156.7

145.520 Simplex  



Thursday Nights

6:30 p.m.

449.780  MHz  (-) with a PL of 131.8

223.80 MHz (-) with a PL of 156.7

Coverage map is here.

1282.200  MHz  (-) with a PL of 156.7


7:15 p.m.

145.510 Simplex



















Photo by Frank Kuehn (KG6GON)

Photographs by Dino (KF6ECO)
February 20th, 2003

The K6CHE cabinet is the last in the row, next to wall.

Work bench area for radio tech’s.

Tower base and Dino and Johns cars.

50,000 KVA generator for the site.

Motorola speaker and meter panel, 220 MHz Duplexers, 1.2  GHz Pre-amp and BP filters, 1.2 GHz Duplexers, (hole for 220 MHz repeater), 1.2 GHz repeater, and 7K Scom.

Top to bottom above - 220 MHz Duplexers, 1.2 GHz pre-amp and band pass filters, 1.2 GHz duplexers, power supply, 220 MHz repeater, and 7K Scom Controller.

The above cabinet with its door open is for

the 220 MHz & 1.2 GHz repeaters.
The cabinet with the door closed is for the 440 repeater.

220 MHz Repeater, 7K Scom, 1.2 GHz repeater, 7K Scom, Telephone Line Controller, and power supply.


The repeater system is owned by the City of Long Beach and  is operated by the Long Beach Repeater Associates. The system resides on top of Signal Hill at an elevation of 356 Feet above sea level. This provides very good coverage for Long Beach and adjacent cities as well as the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County. Coastal coverage from Oxnard to parts of San Diego as well as Victorville and Hesperia is also good.

Currently there are four repeaters in the system. They are on 146.145 MHz (+) with a PL of 156.7,  449.780  MHz  (-) with a PL of 131.8, 223.800 MHz (-) PL 156.7 and 1282.200 MHz (-) with a PL of 156.7 These are open repeaters with emergency backup power. All properly licensed amateurs are welcome to use the repeaters and are encouraged to join the local A.R.E.S and Long Beach R.A.C.E.S.


For more information regarding the repeater system, A.R.E.S., or R.A.C.E.S. privileges please contact Joe Provenza (W6UPN) at w6upn@arrl.net or Dino Kitsios (KF6ECO) at (562) 706-3006. You may also download the ICS forms from links at the bottom of this page.


The Long Beach Repeater Associates meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Spires restaurant in Lakewood on the corner of Cherry Avenue & Delamo at 6.00 p.m.

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