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2016 Extra License Class Graduates






















Your ARALB Ham University has completed our Amateur Extra class with a 100% pass rate…so far.  Of our 16 students, 13 have taken the exam and passed it.  The other 3 were not able to make it to the exam session.  So, our hopes and wishes are for them to also have successful exams.  While 6 of our students are currently ARALB members, the other 10 students are from all parts of our Section. This was because this was the only Amateur Extra class in California at the time of our class.


As with all of our students, we are very proud of them, every one of them.  While we provided the structure and the incentive, our students had to provide the hard work and diligence to be able to pass the most difficult exam in American Amateur Radio.  So, we proudly congratulate each and every one of them and wish them the very best in their future endeavors as Amateur Extras. I hope someone checks our club roster, because prior to this class, I believe the ARALB consisted of 46% Amateur Extras.  Hopefully, this class put us over the top to reach 50%.  That is an exceptional feat for any ham club.


A hearty congratulations goes out to each of our new Amateur Extras!  A job well done!  And congratulations to our teaching staff, who spent many hours preparing their classes and who all share one goal…to help others to achieve their goals in ham radio.  And we were paid handsomely with all of those huge smiles on those happy faces.






We hold two license classes each year and promote two to six other ham related classes, with most of them being related to emergency communications.  By working with several other ham organizations, we provide valuable training for the Los Angeles Section emergency communicators.



Current Calendar of Classes


CW Class    (Currently in session)


Emergency Preparedness    (Coming soon)

(CERT for hams)


EmComms (EC-001)   (2016)


Supervising Volunteers       (Coming soon)


Technician License Class    September 10 through October 29, 2016   (Tentative)



The ARALB Ham University is a function of the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach.  We started as a training committee to teach licensing classes.  We have helped hundreds of students become hams, and upgrade their licenses to General or Amateur Extra, and to learn other ham related subjects.


While ARALB members teach our license classes, we search the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for instructors for other ham related classes.  Of course, some of our great license instructors do volunteer to teach some other ham related subjects as well, and we welcome others to work in our licensing program, as long as they adhere to our teaching techniques.


We believe in the statement that hams help hams.  So, licensing and upgrading ham licenses is just a beginning as far as we are concerned.  That is why we have offered emergency communications classes, a hospital emergency communications class, NTS classes, antenna basics, CW classes, HF Operations, a Field Day Seminar, and an Echolink class as well as a few others that don’t come to mind at the moment.


We look forward to offering more classes for emergency communications, hospital emergency communications, emergency preparedness, NTS, CW, Echolink, Winlink, emergency power, volunteer supervision, and other valuable classes and projects that can help ham radio operators.


It is our belief that hams should help hams to learn more about the radio art as well as emergency communications in order to help to increase the size of the pool of trained emergency communicators and trained technicians.  



Over the years, these hams have served as instructors:

Glenn Draper (AE6YT), Carina Lister (KF6ZYY), Larry Rolewic (WA9SVD), Michael Fox (W6MJF), Bill Bradley (WD6FON),

Jim Snow (W6BIG), Everett   Harper (K6ECH), Dr. Ken Lister (KG6TOC), Bob Grubic (NC6Q), Endaf Buckley (KG6FIY),

Richard Kitchen   (KD6UNR), Dick Brennan (KI6OYH), Jeff Potter (KG6DKJ), Bruce Takenaka (KJ6DXJ),

Tom Patterson (KE6DFY), Bob Schmoker (WA6MAX), John Thomas (KJ6DXP), Martin LaRocque (N6NTH).


Other classes we have promoted have been taught by these instructors:

Bob Grubic (NC6Q) Morse Code, John Poat (K6MJB) HF Operation,  Dr. Kate Hutton    (K6HTN) NTS, Jim Jaques (K6RXX) Antenna Basics, Richard Sherwood (N6RU) Field Day Seminar, Bob Grubic (NC6Q) Field Day Seminar, Sibyl Kierns (KA6RXX) Introduction to Emergency Communications,  Dennis Oszusick (KI6UNC) Hospital Emergency Communications and Endaf Buckley (KG6FIY) Echolink.



For more information about the ARALB Ham University and/or classes please contact Bill Bradley, WD6FON at



















Click here to read an article by Bill Bradley regarding the conundrum of How to Obtain a Paper License.














Bill Bradley (WD6FON)

ARRL Los Angeles Assistant Section Manager  - Education

Chairman, ARALB Ham University

President Veterans Administration Long Beach Amateur Radio Club

(562) 308-6843 (Cell)


A 501(c)3 organization


Front Row - left to right: Catherine Moreton, KK6VYX; Don Huseman, KD6UMC; Julie Potter, KG6FIA

Back Row - left to right: Raivo Parma, KK6RIE; Richard Pearce, KG6CD; Randy Branson, WB6NCT; Eric Boteilho, KK6IDX; John Blood, KK6RNH; Brian Silk, KK6HTA; Paul Geisel, KK6TAC; Robert Hartwig, N7RAH; Glen Hill, KK6PXA; Neil Hoffman, KJ6WXC