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Winter Field Day 2015










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It was a crisp morning at McBride High School in East Long Beach as we gathered our gear and set up several stations for the contest.  John Jacobson, KK6JBA hosted us and a great day was had by all.  The weather was good for January on Saturday, and rained on Sunday.  We had 5 stations setup early on Saturday with Endaf KG6FIY on 2m,10m, and packet,

Richard N6RU 15m phone, Wyatt KK6RDY on 20m phone, Kelly W6KLY on 40m phone and Bob NC6Q 20m CW.


















Bob set up his Spider Beam in the grass area South of the buildings, and Wyatt also set up on the grass with his Buddipole set up for 20m voice.  They both ran there cables towards the courtyard in the center of the campus were we had set up  other stations. 


I used the campus Comet Vertical that is on a 30’ mast for 40m phone, and Endaf and Richard had antenna’s set up on the North grass area.   Richard on 15m phone had an end fed wire dipole that he had on a flex pole mounted on the  2nd floor, and Endaf set up 2m, 10m and also vertical antennas for packet radio. 


We were also joined by the McBride High school AREC team with: John Jacobson KK6JBA,  Wyatt KK6RDY, Devon KF6KEE, Ron KK6DWD, Mike WA6SVX, Jeff AD6BV, Brandon KK6JWR, Ryker KK6ZRK and Joseph KK6KTE.


The kids worked 20m phone, and 2m/10m throughout the day.  The weather was great and even at night was warmer than normal, but due to the band conditions, everyone decided to go home and start back up in the morning, then on Sunday….. The skies opened up and boy was there rain.   All in all the club scored more points than last year, and it was a good time had by all at our new regular club event Winter Field Day.   The points were as follows; Total points – 2314, Multipliers – 13, CW Contacts – 75, Phone Contacts – 101, Digital Contacts – 2.  Add 2000 bonus points for setting up outside and 500 for contacting W8D the CW bonus station.


Kelly T. Howard

Vice President W6KLY



FYI - McBride HS AREC (K6MHS) meets on Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 AM  at the McBride High School Math Workroom, B 104








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