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It’s Museum Ships Weekend!

The 2015 Museum Ships weekend gets under way at 0000 UTC on June 6 (June 5 in US time zones) and continues for 48 hours. More than 100 museum ships are expected to be on the air.

Most museum ships will operate SSB or CW in the General class band segments.

SSB: 3860, 7260, 14,260, 18,160, 21,260, 24,960, 28,360, and 50,160 kHz.

CW: 3539, 7039, 10,109, 14,039, 18,079, 21,039, 24,899, 28,039, and 50,109 kHz.

PSK31: 14,070, 10,142, 18,100, 21,070 and 28,120 kHz.

Some ships will operate AM on 3880-3885 kHz and 7290 kHz. Stations working at least 15 different participating ships will receive a certificate, if they send a copy of their logs showing these contacts.
If you miss us on the 80th Anniversary, catch us on the air on Museum Ships Weekend, June 4th & 5th.  Same frequencies.  See the deal on Museum Ships weekend here: http://www.nj2bb.org/museum/

Also,  Lets split the page with the Queen Mary 80th anniversary.

There are ships and there are legends. 

The royal legend of Long Beach will celebrate her 80th Anniversary, Friday, September 26 and you're invited to join the party. 

Come be her guest - with complimentary ship admission, discounted parking ($5) and tours and more. Let yourself be part of history as the officers and crew of the Queen Mary honor the 80th Anniversary of the grandest ocean liner of them all.

Eighty years ago at the John Brown & Company shipyard on the banks of the Clyde River in Scotland, Job Number 534, the largest ship the world had ever seen, slid down the launchways into the water as Queen Mary addressed the crowd, "I am happy to name this ship the Queen Mary. I wish success to her and to all who sail her."

The Queen Mary has served the public longer than any other passenger ship. Four British monarchies and eight decades of history have passed her bows. She measures more than the Eiffel Tower and is just slightly shorter than the Empire State Building. She has hosted kings and scoundrels, celebrities and dreamers. It's time you came aboard and paid your respects to the Queen of Long Beach - the majestic, Queen Mary. 

The day-long anniversary (10AM - 7PM) salute will be highlighted by a special presentation (the presentation will be limited to the first 1,000 people who arrive) in the Grand Ballroom and the unveiling of a very special cake designed by Jose Barajas, owner of Mmm Cakes and star of TLC’s Next Great Baker, serving up a slice of maritime history. Weighing almost a quarter ton and measuring over 15 feet long the anniversary cake will be as exact a replica of the Queen Mary as flour and frosting allows.

In addition, all tours and attractions will be just $10 and The Queen Mary will offer a special Anniversary Tour that will focus on the design, construction and launch of the ship. 

There are ships and there are legends; become part of her story...come celebrate her 80th Anniversary and learn what's coming next. 

The Queen Mary has made history for 80 years and has no intention of retiring anytime soon.
(Courtesy of the Queen Mary website)

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